Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Corset Bustier

This is a card I did for my husband for Valentines day.  This is the sexy side of me.
If you would like to the pattern for this please email and I will gladly email you the pattern.  I still don't know how to do it here so until I figure that out all downloads on pattens, etc.. will have to be emailed (sorry, i'm still learning...).
I had a fun time doing this card although it took me forever to do as I had to do it all freestyle.
The back of this is a regular card base that is glued to this card front.
I used eyelets for the shirt holes and ribbon going upward to tie on top. I also used decorated scissors (victorian) for the border to give it a more lace look.  I am pleased on how this turned out.  Enjoy!


  1. nice card. love the color selection. hubby will enjoy it. Would love the pattern if you are willing to share. Thanks so much. Ann

  2. Oh my i love your card would you teach me how to make it , I love your work very nice!!