Friday, May 17, 2013

Wool-Eater CAL week 2

Im behind on posting my weekly posting as you can tell but here is the week 2 pictures!

Above is the back side view-
Lovely isnt it?

Front side view-

See what I mean? 
Both sides are amazing views!
Still not sure if I will make this into a full size blanket to fit the bed or if I will give this as a baby blanket to my soon to be grandbaby?
Hmmmm.. We'll see as I go. *wink*

Wool-Eater week 1

Here is my first week on the CAL.
I think this time it went a little quicker to get started since I had done this CAL before last year. Im really liking the color combo. What do you think?

Above is the back side view-

This is the front side view-

I like both sides to be honest.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wool-Eater Blanket CAL 20013

Join in Here!

I have been looking for  CAL & since I did this one already last year, I decided to join in again this year.
Although it was more time consuming & took more yarn than i'm used to, I was very impressed on the outcome.
Now I just need to go & find what colors I want to use.  So come with me & join in above.

comment below if you'll  joining me, I would love to see how your coming along on your blanket, discuss issues,  & what color combo you choose.
Check in with me weekly.
Lets have some fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cup cozy

Here is a little something I had to try.
Once I figure out how to write patterns, I will share for you all to try.
Its a cute cozy that looks like one of the Hello Kitty's character.

Fits the 16 oz plastic cups I use for coffee. Yup! I drink a BIG cup to get my day started. ;)

I have done a smaller version for coffee cups & when I stitched those up I had to see if I could do something different on my own. Simple.
I will post those coffee cozies in a bit & those come with the pattern I used.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Sami's Circus Party!

-Sami's Circus Party-

I had a fun time decorating this year for Sami's 6th Birthday.  
  I just wanted to share the tent I decorated out in the back porch.

This is made with plastic table covers.. very simple to assemble.
I used 4 red covers and 2 white.. you could do more of course if you wanted to make it even more BIG but this was good for me.  :)
One cover drooped to the left and the other drooped to the right. (does that make sense?)
I thumb tacked it to the top and then when I had all the pieces and colors tacked I taped the sides together so the wind wouldn't take it all different ways.
The kids really had a fun time and really enjoyed the decor.

I served gumballs, brownies, marshmallow peanut candies, taffys, popcorn, caramel apples, goldfish, peanuts, animal crackers and I also made cotton candy from a machine I found on sale at Macy's. :)  

We had hot dogs and hamburgers and to drink was Izze's juices (on sale!).. simple but fun! (no one complained so I say they had fun.. lol)
I found the red baskets at the store (Fred Meyers) on sale for 1.50 for 4 baskets.  The checkered liners I had from a previous party.

We had face painting (got to love Sami's face!!! he's so serious... LOL!!!!), balloon popping, games and lots of food!  I gathered wood scraps from my Dads house and painted it. Simple, cheap and a fun, my type of party!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet Produce Handbag

I love this bag! 

I just finished this last week.  It said it was a flower bag for your garden but when I first saw it, I thought right away it would be great for my trips to the farmers market and put my produce in there.  Can't wait to use it this coming May when the farmers market is open!

Measurements: 22" length by 12" high
handles are braided and are about 44" in length

**Etsy account coming soon to sell my products you see on here.
This is the opening end on the sides

Woolen Eater Blanket Challenge finished!

This is my starting stage...
 This is my final pictures of the challenge I had mentioned before... did it take me that long to finish it? Unfortunately, yes! I had some things come up with family but I finally finished it and it looks beautiful!  With all this hard work tho.. it is hard to give this away!  I don't have anything to match with it but I will find a good place for it someday. *wink*
I will try this pattern again!
The beginning photo stage is a great idea for hot pads! *wink*
I'm thinking of Christmas gifts already.. :)

Here you can see the final baby blanket.
measurements:  4' by 4'

 Here you can see the folded edge to see the other side of the patten it makes.. puffy and smooth! very beautiful!