Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am a hooker!

Join the Wool-Eater CAL here!!!
This is one thing I will be updating on here... this is the wool-eater CAL 2012 challenge.  Click on the link above and come hook with me! ;)
Pictures coming soon!


Happy 2012!!  

Have you gotten used to writing that yet? My goals this year (I don't like saying resolutions because when I say that, they seem to never get done) are to commit more to this blog & my catering blog & update more often.  I also want to eat healthier... thats a hard one for me as I love to cook and bake. 
I also would like to commit more on me... by this I mean I want to focus more on myself with crafts, my hair, nails, facials, meditation, etc.. I lost myself and need to dig this girl out!  I need to care and love myself and learn to avoid issues, problems and drama by staying positive and learning to make peace with things.

More goals are:
remodeling a few areas in my home
get and stay organized
try new recipes with more veggies and fruits and from other cultures.
drink more water
adventure more with my boys and hubby
to stay sober

What are your goals?

With that being said, I am going to update this week with some projects I have done and doing... so not only will you see crafts and recipes here  you will see my updates on my remodeling and home repair. :)  More things will be added in time as well.. 

I hope you enjoy your year and all your goals come true!  *cheers!*