Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet Produce Handbag

I love this bag! 

I just finished this last week.  It said it was a flower bag for your garden but when I first saw it, I thought right away it would be great for my trips to the farmers market and put my produce in there.  Can't wait to use it this coming May when the farmers market is open!

Measurements: 22" length by 12" high
handles are braided and are about 44" in length

**Etsy account coming soon to sell my products you see on here.
This is the opening end on the sides

Woolen Eater Blanket Challenge finished!

This is my starting stage...
 This is my final pictures of the challenge I had mentioned before... did it take me that long to finish it? Unfortunately, yes! I had some things come up with family but I finally finished it and it looks beautiful!  With all this hard work tho.. it is hard to give this away!  I don't have anything to match with it but I will find a good place for it someday. *wink*
I will try this pattern again!
The beginning photo stage is a great idea for hot pads! *wink*
I'm thinking of Christmas gifts already.. :)

Here you can see the final baby blanket.
measurements:  4' by 4'

 Here you can see the folded edge to see the other side of the patten it makes.. puffy and smooth! very beautiful!