Friday, May 17, 2013

Wool-Eater CAL week 2

Im behind on posting my weekly posting as you can tell but here is the week 2 pictures!

Above is the back side view-
Lovely isnt it?

Front side view-

See what I mean? 
Both sides are amazing views!
Still not sure if I will make this into a full size blanket to fit the bed or if I will give this as a baby blanket to my soon to be grandbaby?
Hmmmm.. We'll see as I go. *wink*

Wool-Eater week 1

Here is my first week on the CAL.
I think this time it went a little quicker to get started since I had done this CAL before last year. Im really liking the color combo. What do you think?

Above is the back side view-

This is the front side view-

I like both sides to be honest.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wool-Eater Blanket CAL 20013

Join in Here!

I have been looking for  CAL & since I did this one already last year, I decided to join in again this year.
Although it was more time consuming & took more yarn than i'm used to, I was very impressed on the outcome.
Now I just need to go & find what colors I want to use.  So come with me & join in above.

comment below if you'll  joining me, I would love to see how your coming along on your blanket, discuss issues,  & what color combo you choose.
Check in with me weekly.
Lets have some fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cup cozy

Here is a little something I had to try.
Once I figure out how to write patterns, I will share for you all to try.
Its a cute cozy that looks like one of the Hello Kitty's character.

Fits the 16 oz plastic cups I use for coffee. Yup! I drink a BIG cup to get my day started. ;)

I have done a smaller version for coffee cups & when I stitched those up I had to see if I could do something different on my own. Simple.
I will post those coffee cozies in a bit & those come with the pattern I used.