Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woolen Eater Blanket Challenge finished!

This is my starting stage...
 This is my final pictures of the challenge I had mentioned before... did it take me that long to finish it? Unfortunately, yes! I had some things come up with family but I finally finished it and it looks beautiful!  With all this hard work tho.. it is hard to give this away!  I don't have anything to match with it but I will find a good place for it someday. *wink*
I will try this pattern again!
The beginning photo stage is a great idea for hot pads! *wink*
I'm thinking of Christmas gifts already.. :)

Here you can see the final baby blanket.
measurements:  4' by 4'

 Here you can see the folded edge to see the other side of the patten it makes.. puffy and smooth! very beautiful!


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