Monday, February 7, 2011

Sock Sundaes

My sock sundaes I made for all the girls in my family on Christmas.  These were very easy to make and at the end when I finished 15 of them I bought some clear wrap and tied a ribbon on the top so it all secured nicely while I transfered them to my sisters house.
They were lots of fun and would even be a great Valentine gift if you change the theme on them.
The wine glasses I found were from the Dollar Store, yep you read that right, the dollar store! 
I put some tissue on the bottom so the sock would pop up a bit to make it look more dimentional.
I rolled up the long cozy socks and stuffed them in the glass.
On the back of the sock I inserted a candy cane, straw and some assorted chocolates and mints.
I bought the winter themed toothpicks at the Dollar store as well (came with cupcake liners but I can save those for later. *wink*) and inserted one in the front side.  You could also save these toothpicks and put on the outside of the wrap with the ribbon if you prefer.
Tied the ribbon around the top of the glass and thats it!  Very fun to do and so many ideas you can use these with.  Have fun!

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  1. cool!!! might do this as favours for my birthday party :)