Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Snowman Ornament

I have been wanting to try this for years and I am glad I did cause now I am hooked!!!  For my first ornament to paint I thought of a snowman... how easy could it be?  We will find out!  LOL!

I started with clear glass ornaments that I bought at the craft store.

I used acrylic paints for this.  I added a couple drops of water to make the ink more do-able.
I turned it over to let it drain out the excess paint and then I let it dry.

I found this cute little snowmans hat at the craft store, how could I pass this up!?

For the eyes and mouth, I used black acrylic paint and let it dry.

This is what he looks like with the hat on!  I will add some ribbon to the hat and of course my snowman will need a nose.  I will continue and post the final results later. 



  1. I love your snowman ornament. If you don't mind I am going to CASE it. Thanks and Happy New Year. Love, Audrey

  2. I love your snowmen bubles I would love to make some...for our new house...we will be moving in april to indiana from Calif....


  3. this is the cutest snowmen i ever seen I think I have wrote to you before i want to make one soon....for my tree next yr...Thank you !!


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    Mary Redford